100 Years of Nevilles

Neville Rail Projects

Michael Neville, grandson of the founder, took the family business forward into the railway industry in 1986, after winning a contract from Metro-Cammell Ltd to manufacture complete Roof & Underframe assemblies for the Kowloon Canton Railway. We then followed this by contracts from the first BREL London Underground refurbishment on the Central Line, which led to prototype and development work for every major rail contractor.

We were established from Neville Rail Projects in 2006.

Neville Transport

George Neville started in business in 1907 at 20, contracting for the transport of post office mail between Mansfield & Nottingham by horse-drawn transport. It was in the capacity of a mail contractor that George Neville first started body building to provide his own horse-drawn van bodies. His son George E. Neville pioneered the tilt cab known then as the Neville Cab and hailed as ‘the most progressive step in commercial vehicle cab design’. He also invented an automatic sheeting system for which they awarded him the Design Council Award in 1977. This system was, and still is, used on both Rail and Road transportation vehicles to the present day.

George Neville started the business in 1907 with specialising in transportation.

Nevilles entered the railway industry in 1986 after winning a contract from Metro-Cammell Ltd. Neville Rail Projects was scaled down in 2006 into two companies. Nevilles Transport pioneered the Tilt Cab known as the Neville Cab.

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