Autodesk Inventor

At Nevilles, we use the Autodesk Inventor, a 3D Computer-Aided Design software, which allows for mechanical product design, and modelling, simulation, visualisation, and documentation. Overall, it provides a solution for digital prototyping, which empowers us by lowering product development costs and optimising product differentiation through innovation, providing our customers with a cost-effective solution.


We can create links between projects and re-use concept data to create 3D models and competitive product designs quickly and effectively. With the Autodesk Inventor, we can creatively combine industrial design and detailed engineering to create clear, accurate and detailed product designs, which allows modelling flexibility to link into personalising each product design to meet the customer’s requirements.

Simulation, Analysis and Visualisation

With the Autodesk Inventor, we can conduct simulations and analysis on a product design at any point to test the strength and durability of the product. We can analyse parts of a product or perform an in-depth analysis of the entire product at any stage, such as carrying out a stress analysis.

This way we can see if the product performs well under expected use without breaking or deforming and we can minimise the need for physical prototypes. Plus, we can see how the product will look with visualisation and rendering tools, giving us the ability to check with our customers it satisfies them for their products.


When working on a customer’s product, we create 3D documentation so all relevant team members can view this at any point, which is useful during critical design and engineering. By doing this, we ensure the best outcome for our customers and excellent communication between the team.

Data management

The robust search function with the Autodesk Inventor makes it effortless to organise, manage and track the designs, simulations and documentation processes for our team. Another feature is a cloud-based 3D design review, which enables everyone on the team to view projects easily.

The Autodesk Inventor is an effective 3D CAD application, with many features available.

Our 3D CAD design & development services are ideal for a range of applications.

The Autodesk Inventor allows for complete digital workflows to be created, which minimises the need for physical prototypes.

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