Faro Arm

Faro Arm CMM inspection with Statistical Process Control (SPC)

Neville’s Quality Control Uses Faro Inspection Arm Along with the powerful ploy works software to give detailed reports on Aluminium extrusion inspection reports to our customers if requested.

This portable, innovative measurement arm utilizes the latest technology to easily verify production quality by performing 3D inspections, tool certifications, CAD comparison, and dimensional analysis for end product accuracy within +/- .024mm.  The addition of this state-of-the-art technology to our inspection protocol will substantially reduce, if not eliminate, the production of typical non-conforming parts output from our shop.

addition of the Faro edge Arm at Neville Precision is a testament to our commitment to quality production while reducing lost profit margins due to reproduction of incorrect parts and a reduction in labor and materials.  These savings can then be passed along to our customers.  “It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved” we are committed to meeting or exceeding the needs and expectations of our customers.  This new technology is a step in meeting those inherent goals for everyone.”

The Faro Inspection Arm for CMM is perfect for inspecting the production quality of a product for a customer.

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